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Loft Insulation 

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Cavity Wall Insulation 

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External Wall Insulation 

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100% Free Insulation is: 

  • Available to 95% of UK homes
  • Free for everyone (irrespective of age or benefits)
  • Paid for by UK energy companies
  • Free forever - nothing to pay back
  • Able to cut your heating bill by 25%

CO2 Energy Savers

Welcome to CO2 Energy Savers

welcomeCO2 Energy Savers are dedicated to providing householders with cost effective energy efficiency solutions that not only reduce household running costs, but limit the impact that you and your family have on the environment by cutting down your carbon dioxide emissions.

We offer home solutions to the energy efficiency challenge, based on the understanding that every element of a building’s energy consumption should be considered in order to increase its overall energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. 

Good home insulation in properties is key to achieving heating comfort for your home. It reduces both heat loss and heat gain, meaning your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The Benefits of Home Insulation

There are a number of clear benefits arising from Home Insulation but a recent survey has revealed that many householders are not aware of what these are. Here are a few of the key benefits:
  • Helps to keep your home (or any building) warmer in winter and cooler in Summer.
  • Increases the energy efficiency of your home by enabling you to turn down your thermostat but keep the house just as warm.
  • Saves money as a more energy efficient home will mean your energy bill is lower than it would otherwise have been.
  • Helps to reduce your household carbon footprint – the less energy you use the less carbon dioxide is emitted.
  • Helps to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint – the house hold sector is responsible for approximately 27% of the UK's carbon emissions.

You will start feeling the benefits as soon as your insulation is installed and you will quickly begin to recover the cost as you save on your energy bills.


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The insulation has made such a difference, I've recommended the free service to my friends and family. Great Job CO2 Energy Savers!

Miss S Ryan

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